English – Events

Some are real hurricanes, others ar lighter and simple bursts.
Each with its own spirit, its own strength, its own character, its functionality.
Events blow from every point of the compass.
Abode, the musical, the film events, sporting events, corporate events; gently blow the commercial, promotional and communication events; blow public events and gust the institutional events; waft private events. All together from the north, east, west, south form the compass of events.
Some are real hurricanes, others lighter and simple bursts. Each with its own spirit, its own strength, its own character, its own functionality. We all are now pervaded (who overwhelmed and who barely touched) by the events that accompany our daily life. Just browse a newspaper to realize this.
Each page is full of events (political, dramatic, sporting, cultural, artistic, worldly, social, etc …) that affect us as actors or as spectators. The event connects us, unites us, touches us closely, excites us, amazes us, conquers us, makes us feel alive and real, allows us to be individuals besides mere consumers or buyers.
And again, the event is multi-faceted, ductile, malleable, interactive, empathic. The event is the diamond of communication and the most precious stone in the marketing business. The event, in all its many variations, is the means of communication “prince” that best suits many needs of an enterprise that must communicate its philosophy (mission and vision), their products / services, its management, or needs to boost its image and increase its visibility, also acquiring institutional prestige.
In addition, at the same time, it is the pro-active means of marketing more effective and flexible to engage, capture, retain and report to the public, transfer values ​​and benefits, implement the positioning of a brand, reinforcing both brand awareness and brand building, also reaching unwilling clusters.
The brand meets his audience and begins a relationship with it, rather than one-to-one would say one-to-each, in order to better understand and meet the needs of their specific needs, expectations and desires. This at the end, of course to sell better and sell more.


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